Forfait 2 days « Week-end along Fleurie coast »

Drive the 5 exceptional GT ,from Orleans or even Paris (option) for a journey to the roads of the Fleurie coast.

The famous boardwalk in Deauville, already trodden by many celebrities that will expect that you are coming, you and your emotions.

To get the GT exception that will be entrusted to you, you will discover the roads and landscapes of the Norman Bocage before reaching the famous seaside resort , charming symbol of elegance and lifestyle. We have it booked one of 3 tools Groupe Lucien Barrière.

You will be welcomed warmly and an incredible stay awaits you, full of fun, excitement and refinement.
Refined rooms and a restaurant, a place of traditional cuisine open their doors .
You will enjoy the sports and leisure that offers golf, tennis and biking as well as access to the pool.

After the dishes and flavors of your gourmet dinner, calling the casino will sound , depending on your mood and the state of your luck.
A weekend elsewhere and privileged for you, just different in Deauville. The exceptional has never been so accessible.

Price : on quote


  • Briefing for presenting the fleet.
  • Explication of safety rules and procedures.
  • Valid driving license and release of liability acceptance mandatory.
  • This event cover the organisation of :
    • hotels, breakfasts, lunchs and diners.
    • logistic, project management, transport and insurance coast.
    • other services previously validated.

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